Acoustiline, ingenious acoustic bass

The Acoustiline is a full hollow body electric bass guitar that is specifically designed to deliver a well-defined acoustic signal to the amplifier. Typical for its design is the absence of a conventional sound hole or f-holes. Instead the Acoustiline features distinctive bass-reflex ports in the upper bout that project the acoustic bass sound to the player. This construction provides a substantially stiffer top, resulting in a more powerful sound. For aesthetic reasons, the tone controls knobs aren’t placed prominently at the top, but in the upper bout, stylish in line with the bass-reflex ports.

Rikkers Acoustiline Bassguitars

Inspired by the double bass

In classic example of the double bass the Acoustiline has an arched spruce top and a striped maple back. In the interior of the body a spruce X-brace under the top provides just the right amount of reinforcement, and thus a resonant and powerful sound at the same time. The Acoustiline has a set-in neck, built from two pieces of quartersawn hard maple with an Indian rosewood fretboard on top. In order to create a natural, transparent sound, the bass features a rosewood tailpiece and bridge. Integrated into the rosewood bridge a high-end piezo pickup system provides the same velvet acoustics that also characterizes our Hollowline semi hollow body basses.

Rikkers Acoustiline Bassguitars

Maximum playing comfort

The Acoustiline is designed for maximum playing comfort. Due to the smooth neck body joint the neck is comfortably playable up to the 24th fret. Furthermore, the Acoustiline has an asymmetrical neck profile − thicker under the B string and thinner under the G string. This ergonomic design provides a highly comfortable, natural grip.

Rikkers Acoustiline Bassguitars

Custom made

The Acoustiline can be built largely to your personal preferences. Although this bass by definition has a spruce top and flamed maple back, we offer unlimited possibilities for all other body and neck woods. The same goes for the finish of the body, varying from a colored, transparent nitrocellulose lacquer to an authentic French polish finish for a double bass look. Standard, the neck is finished with oil and wax for a natural, fast feel. Naturally, this custom bass is available as a 4-, 5- and 6-string, fretless and fretted, and (no extra charge) left-handed.