Hollowline, the Dutch lightweight bass

The Hollowline is Rikkers’ top model. This Dutch-built custom bass combines powerful, well-defined lows and velvet acoustics with a low weight. Its design was derived from the Rikkers Powerline basses. What distinguishes the Hollowline are its sound chambers in the interior of the body. Not only do these reduce weight significantly, they also make for a remarkably resonant and transparent tonal character.

Rikkers Hollowline Bassguitars

Striking single-cut bass guitar from Holland

Typical for the Hollowline is its single cutaway. This construction provides a large contact surface between neck and body. This allows for optimal energetic transmission of the string vibration, resulting in tight and dominant lows. Our Holland-made Hollowline bass guitar plays comfortably up to the 24th fret due to its smooth neck body joint.

Rikkers Hollowline Bassguitars

Sophisticated hollowbody acoustics

We prefer a set-in neck for the Hollowline because in our opinion this does the most justice to the typical hollowbody sound. If desired, a neck-thru or bolt-on version is available as well. To further emphasize the fine acoustics of the Hollowline we usually install a piezo bridge and saddles.

Rikkers Hollowline Bassguitars

Fully custom made by Netherlands ace bass builders

Each Hollowline is a unique instrument of which literally only one exists. As Netherlands leading bass builder, we’d be proud to build this instrument entirely to your personal preferences, using the most luxurious woods and top quality pickups, electronics and hardware. Naturally, this thoroughbred bass is available as a 4-, 5- and 6-string, fretless and fretted, and (no extra charge) left-handed.