Traditional bass & guitar builders from Holland

At Rikkers Bass and Guitar Builders from Holland we take pride in old school craftsmanship. We have a passion for creating instruments the traditional way − using hand tools and putting in hard work, vision, dedication and joy. We believe that a passionately handmade instrument will, by its sheer unique nature, unleash truly passionate, creative playing. As seasoned bass and guitar builders we approach our craft as an art form, creating instruments that will set you apart with awesome looks and great tone.

Dutch luthier, celebrating 30 years of bass & guitar making

Rikkers boasts a rich tradition in instrument building. In fact, this year we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary. Founded in 1983, we are one of the oldest Dutch bass and guitar luthiers still around today. In 2014 we’ll be honoring our anniversary with the introduction of various new bass and guitar models, as well as a limited ‘30th Anniversary’ series of the Rikkers Hollowline bass.

Netherlands top manufacturer of one-off basses & guitars

As passionate craftsmen we love to build instruments to the highest level of detail. We want our basses and guitars to not just look stunning, but to be literally unique. Therefore every Rikkers is a one-off − a personalized instrument of which only one has ever been built. Whether it’s exotic tone woods, hand wound pickups or a dazzling finish, our Netherlands manufactured basses and guitars will make even the most discerning player’s dream come true.

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